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Children's Easter Outfits and Dresses

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See All Buying Options. I have got this frock for my friends kid who is 4 yr old and i have ordered one size up to fir her perfectly. This one is so nice ,the flowing net on the frock is really giving a very nice look.

The Green color ribbon really adds to it. Very sliky and looks attractive. What a great little dress! I needed something cute, affordable and quickly due to a last minute decision to have my kids take photos. This dress met all of my expectations and my daughter loved it, too.

I have to agree with the general consensus of this group. I ordered a size for my 2. The top part of this dress is wrinkle free, and I would say the bottom part is wrinkle resistant. It has a few minor wrinkles but they steamed out very quickly.

The fabric is super nice and the cut and style of the dress is simply adorable. The dress is really pretty and my daughter look so beautiful in it. My daughter is 2 year old and 5 months and I order size 4T base the chart and the review of other costumers. The 4T fit my daughter nice as you can see her pictures. The quality of this dress is just okay. The stitching is not very clean if you look closer you can see it. This dress look the same in the pictures. This dress will need to be hand wash only.

It was soooo cute on my daughter and fit perfectly. The material is not the greatest but what could you expect. She only appears in The Ugly Truth. She and Loretta are identical twins. Reba is the sister of Grandpa, Loretta, and Arthur Heffley. Garrison "Gary" Heffeley is Greg's uncle and has been married four times. In The Ugly Truth it is revealed that all of his wives divorced him as soon as they found out about his financial situation and job.

In The Third Wheel he comes to live with Greg's family after he discovers his job selling shirts in Boston was a ripoff - "Boston" was spelled "Botson". In Double Down, Gary cut down a big branch hanging over his driveway and ended up breaking his collarbone.

Job unappealing for her Gary was working as a mascot at children's parties. Unknown, possibly because of a tattoo that used to read "Lydia" and was later modified to read "I am not in love with Lydia anymore".

Reason for likely divorce: Apparently, there was another Sonja at the baseball stadium. Dorothy is Greg's great aunt who always kisses him on the lips. Greg's mom, Susan, says it is rude to wipe off the kisses Dorothy gives him. She is overweight and sometimes passes gas loudly, much to Greg's dismay. Arthur Heffley is Greg's great-uncle. He only speaks in grunts or makes random sounds. He never has an actual conversation with anybody, but sometimes Greg tries to respond to him just in case he is trying to communicate.

For example, once when he said "Rrup? He wears glasses and a neck tie. Arthur is the brother of Reba, Grandpa, and Loretta Heffley. Greg is presented with a rather luxurious blanket as a Christmas gift, only to be repelled by it upon learning that it had formerly belonged to Great Uncle Bruce before his death.

This leads him to give it to an unsuspecting Rodrick as a birthday present. Byron is Frank's cousin whom Greg is not excited to see [7] because at Gammie's last meeting, he was sent out to get milk, but hit a pothole halfway home, and got a flat tire. Greg had to get him. He needed supplies, so Greg returned to Gammie's. Because of his muddy shoes the ladies needed to warn him since he was about to track mud into the house. Unfortunately, he forgot about Byron's tire, and he was not happy when he got to Gammie's.

Not much is known about Nana, but according to a young Greg, she smells like asparagus. She is Grandpa's wife. It is revealed in Double Down she died when Greg was younger and it makes him uncomfortable to think she is "watching" him from heaven. Her first appearance was in Double Down. Aunt Cakey is Susan's oldest sister and does not like kids. She used to have a dog. She despises kids, and Susan now never trusts her to babysit Greg.

Aunt Audra is one of Susan's sisters. She believed in crystal balls and took Greg along with her to see her fortuneteller a few times. Susan think Audra is wasting her money, but the fortuneteller once told Greg, "A dark haired woman will try to plant a seed of doubt in your mind.

It turned out the fortuneteller did not mean it literally. Aunt Gretchen is Susan's youngest sister. She has two out-of-control twin sons, Malvin and Malcolm. Aunt Gretchen has at least thirty pets. In Hard Luck , her rabbit which everyone thought was a male but was actually female has a litter of bunnies, angering Frank.

Once they played throw and catch with a strong sharp piece of concrete. Malvin had to go to the emergency room to get stitches in his forehead. Malvin and Malcolm are Gretchen's two sons. They are out-of control kids, playing catch with rocks and cement chunks. Malcolm is the wilder. He once got hold of Frank's shaving kit and shaved himself. He also called the police to report Greg's family for running out of ketchup.

This results in Frank angrily making them leave. Meemaw and Peepaw are the parents of Gramma and her two sisters, and are the grandparents of Susan. Their first appearance was in Hard Luck. Peepaw is portrayed as old and batty. Meemaw is dead, while Peepaw is still alive. Meemaw was in charge of putting prizes in the Easter eggs, and wore a diamond ring, which was extremely valuable because it had been in her family for three generations. Before she died, she accidentally put her ring in an Easter egg that was found by Greg at the end of the book.

Meemaw appears in the film adaption of the Long Haul played by Mimi Gould. Meemaw's birthday results in Susan's "great Heffley road trip". Gramma's sisters are the great-aunts of Rodrick, Greg, and Manny.

They are the aunt's of Susan Heffley and her sisters. Lawrence Heffley is Greg's uncle who is always traveling, and therefore is unable to make it to family events. He did, however, appear at Great-Grandpa Chester's funeral by webcam. He only appears in The Ugly Truth. Chester Heffley was Greg's great-grandfather and Gammie Heffley's husband. It was revealed that he died in The Ugly Truth.

Georgia is Greg's cousin who has an extremely loose tooth that she does not want to pull out. She only appears in Hard Luck. Benjy Heffley is Greg's cousin. He can read chapter books and speak in full sentences. However, he still isn't potty trained. Uncle Larry is supposedly Greg's uncle. Greg is not sure if he is an actual relative, and he thinks someone invited him to a family gathering at some point and that he has been coming ever since. When Audra's fortuneteller told her Meemaw's ring was in a photo album, Larry helped realize that the ring was in a plastic egg.

This was proved to be true, as it was found in a plastic egg by Greg later on. Martina is Susan's cousin who smashed her collarbone at a buffet in Las Vegas, and ended up suing the hotel. She possibly owns a Porsche. Gerald is Susan's cousin who lives in California. He lived with Greg's family a few months after Greg was born, and even used to change his diapers. Jefferson is Rowley's father, and is far more shrill than Mr. He is extremely rude and paranoid, and does not accept any criticism from anyone of himself or his property.

He is the strictest father in the series so far. He will not let Rowley play any video game with the slightest bit of violence or fighting in it, as he thinks doing this could change Rowley into a different person. Jefferson thinks Greg is a "bad influence" on his son. It is also shown that Mr. Jefferson had a close bond with Rowley. He shows little interest in sports until Dog Days , where he is found playing tennis with Rowley and golf with a caddy. In Rodrick Rules , Greg and Rowley say in their secret language: Jefferson cracked the code.

In Dog Days , it is revealed that Mr. Jefferson's first name is Robert. When Susan emailed him because of the note Greg sent her, it had Mr. Jefferson's first name on it. In "Old School", he is stuck chaperoning the group of extra kids which includes Rowley and Greg , much to Greg's dismay. Later, Rowley adds poison ivy to a fire started by him and he has problems breathing on the next morning, which means he and Rowley Who had spots on his body would be going back home.

In the film series, Mr. Jefferson has not spoken until the third film, implying that he is a man of a few words. Jefferson is Rowley's mother. She often seems to be concerned about Rowley such as the time he broke his big toe after Greg put one of his dad's dumbbells under a pillow that Rowley kept kicking at Greg's sleepover. Jefferson always enjoys Greg's company with Rowley. Jefferson loves Greg, she does not let him come over because her husband dislikes him. Rowley's grandfather only appears in Rodrick Rules.

It is his birthday and he asks for a chocolate cake for his next birthday. Because of his no lying policy Greg replies: He is 90 years old in Rodrick Rules. He is an antagonist. Fregley is Greg's firm and impeccably graspable acquaintance and neighbor noted for his unexplained lot of odd or disgusting eccentricities.

He has been known to perplex others with his behavior, and does not have any known friends. Greg has been forced to hang around with Fregley on several occasions, to his chagrin or aggravation. It has been mentioned that Fregley is prohibited from eating sugar by his parents, and the consumption of it in large quantities will send him into hysterical, uncontrollable frenzies. Fregley won the "Student of the Week" award in "Cabin Fever" for not biting anyone for five days.

In the film adaptions of the books, Fregley is played by Grayson Russell. Preston Francis Mudd is the name of one of Greg's classmates. He is said to have been the best player in the basketball unit of gym class during sixth grade at Westmore Middle School.

Christopher Brownfield is one of Greg's friends and is shown to have been a great mosquito magnet while hanging out with Greg in the summer. Holly Elizabeth Hills is the name of one of Greg's classmates; an older girl who primarily serves as Greg's unrequited romantic interest and also Heather Hills' younger sister. She is the youngest daughter of Mr. A minor character, she earns a prominent role in The Last Straw as the object of Greg's most recent infatuation. He is continuously motivated to impress her to no avail.

Virtually oblivious to Greg's existence or identity Greg stops trying to impress her after she mistakes him for Fregley , she appears to take an interest in Rowley's sweetness, judging by an enthusiastic message which she had signed in his yearbook as opposed to the note that she had written for the envious Greg. She seldom appears afterwards. Greg's interest in her is seemingly damaged by events such as this and he starts showing an interest in other girls, including Holly's older sister Heather.

Whereas her personality is hardly explored in the books, Holly's role was increased in film adaptions, debuting in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules as a newcomer to Greg's middle school with whom he is instantly besotted.

She is depicted as being friendly and good-natured. The relationship she shares with Greg and Rowley is emphasized and exaggerated in the film portrayals, to the extent it can be assumed that the feelings Greg has for her may be mutual. She reappears in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Her family is portrayed as being wealthy and her sister shown to be tyrannical, spoiled, and selfish.

Holly seems to enjoy the boys' companionship, and shows gratitude for Rodrick Heffley's unintentional blunders that wind up destroying the undeserving Heather's birthday party. The party ends with Holly slipping her hand into Greg's, implying that she likes him as well, and she, Greg and Rowley had a pool party not long after. Holly is portrayed by Peyton R. Chirag Gupta is one of Greg's schoolmates and a minor character in the books.

He is characterized by his short stature. Although he and Greg are well-acquainted and generally amiable to one another, Greg started the "Invisible Chirag" prank in Rodrick Rules. During the summer the Gupta family were to move away but an unexplained alteration in their plans changed this. As a result, Chirag's classmates teasingly ignore his existence or presence for days on end, which aggravates and shocks him. Though Chirag has apparently forgiven Greg and his fellow schoolmates for concocting the prank, it is mentioned in one book that he takes advantage of his family's non-observance of the Christmas holiday, and no obligation to behave for Santa Claus , to pick on Greg.

In the movie adaptions, Chirag's role is enhanced and he is a close friend of Greg and Rowley. He also plays a considerably more prominent role in these films, appearing in adaptions of books in which he is absent or hardly mentioned.

He is depicted as being Indian-American. He is portrayed by Karan Brar. Patricia "Patty" Farrell is a minor character who shares an intense rivalry with Greg, which is showcased on a few occasions.

It is implied she is a hardworking but sanctimonious and domineering student. She earns Greg's animosity after she suggests a map of the United States displayed in the classroom be covered during a geography quiz. Greg had planned to cheat using the map and this causes great difficulties for him, and makes him agitated.

Motivated by his lust for revenge, he volunteers to play a tree in the school's upcoming production of " The Wizard of Oz "after viewing the movie adaption for the first time.

He believes the role entails having to bombard the character of Dorothy Gale whom Patty would be portraying in the play with apples , only to learn that this scene was deleted for the school production. He winds up re-enacting this scene, despite the script, sending his parents into a rage. She has yet to play quite as significant a role in the book series again. She has become something of a minor recurring character whose appearances are rare. In the film adaptions of the books, Patty's role is enhanced slightly.

She is depicted as being monstrously demanding. Her parents are involved with the school board in this portrayal. The motivation given for her hatred of Greg is his recital of an offensive playground chant poking fun at her that sent her bursting into tears in elementary school.

Alterations made to the books include her talent for both wrestling and playing tennis. She snatches any opportunity to assault Greg somehow while engaged in either sport with him. She is played by Laine MacNeil. Heather Hills is the attractive elder sister of Holly Elizabeth Hills, with whom Rodrick is infatuated. A minor character in the books, but the main antagonist in the third film, Heather is only featured in several books as the object of Greg's unrequited infatuation.

However, she seems oblivious to this. A student attending Westmore High School with Rodrick, she has had several minor occupations throughout the course of the books, during each of which Rodrick fecklessly attempts to grab her attention or to impress her. Little insight into her personality is provided in the book series. Similar to her younger sister, Holly, Heather's personality and role is further enhanced in the only film adaption in which she has appeared, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: In a modification of the events of the books, she is depicted as the oldest daughter of the Hills family.

She is spoiled, obnoxious, rude, ignorant, selfish, conceited, ungrateful, unforgiving, cold-hearted, demanding, mistreating her family and acquaintances. Plus, she proves to be even worse than Rodrick.

Lovelorn, Rodrick Heffley and his band are hired to perform at Heather's ostentatious upcoming sixteenth birthday party , and, in an attempt to earn her admiration, Rodrick winds up messing up the celebration and decorations during a boisterous, and substandard performance of Justin Bieber 's " Baby ", which makes Heather very upset and the party ends in disaster. She is portrayed by Melissa Roxburgh. Heather has a slight reference to the behavior of the Carnotaur from Disney's " Dinosaur film ".

Albert Sandy is a minor character, who talks often about rumors he has heard. The validity of his statements are unconfirmed. One of the statement which was not confirmed by Greg was when Albert told him that "it was medically impossible for a girl to fart".

Greg knew that it was not true because when his mom hugged Aunt Dorothy on Christmas Eve she farted. Only appearing in Diary of a Wimpy Kid , Mr. Ira is a teacher at Greg's middle school who is on the school newspaper adult staff, and enlists a replacement comic strip for the newspaper.

He was made fun of in a comic strip entitled Dumb Teachers, and later bowdlerises Greg's Creighton the Cretin comic. They have a lot of children, all of whom are male, with names beginning with the letter S.

Five of the children's names are revealed, and they are from oldest to youngest: Shawn, Shane, Sam, Scott, and Seth. In The Last Straw , it is revealed that each Snella child has a half birthday party at which the adults perform funny stunts, to attempt to make the babies laugh. According to Greg, however, no baby has laughed once. Snella records the action on his camcorder. Snella then sends the videos to America's Funniest Families , a spoof and parody of America's Funniest Home Videos , and has never won anything though after Greg is filmed wearing Wonder Woman underoos hanging off a tree with his trousers below his ankles at the end of The Last Straw , the footage is sent, and it is never explained if Mr Snella won with it.

Their most recent appearance was in The Ugly Truth , when they move to another house because of a strange smell they cannot get rid of in their home. The smell was deviled eggs , which Greg hates and threw into one of their plant pots when he was having dinner at their house. Despite trying to find the cause of the smell, the Snellas cannot figure it out and eventually just move.

Greg feels guilty when he sees that they are taking the plant pot with them, but he resolves to try to find a way to sneak deviled eggs into Fregley's house. Scotty is a first grader from Rowley's karate class. But after Greg breaks Rowley's big toe, he has to fill in for Rowley. Greg complains about being a magician's assistant to Scotty, but Susan tells Scotty's mother that Greg would be happy to replace Rowley.

In the tryouts, Greg messes up the act so badly they are the only ones not to make the auditions. Scotty has a remarkably similar appearance to Greg's comic character, Creighton The Cretin, except Creighton's eyes are wide open and Scotty's eyes are beady just like all the other characters that do not wear glasses.

In The Third Wheel, when Greg and Rowley become private investigators Greg looks through the window at his house to find him playing one of Greg's video games with Rowley. Bill Walter is a year-old high school drop out, and professional singer, who has a rude attitude.

Rodrick idolizes him and his lifestyle. Frank Heffley strongly dislikes Bill because he disapproves of his lifestyle, and is afraid Rodrick will follow in his footsteps. In the movie version of Rodrick Rules he is portrayed by Fran Kranz and is an antagonist. He agrees to join Rodrick's rock band Loded Diper and later attempts to kick him out for an unknown reason.

After performing the song Exploded Diper , Rodrick retaliates and kicks him out. He also makes an appearance with Rodrick at the beginning at the roller rink.

In the book Greg describes him as unemployed and still living with his parents even though he is 35 years old. Also, in Rodrick Rules Bill appears to be a slob, as he "slorks" pot roast. Kagan, Frank's dentist, makes his debut in The Ugly Truth. Frank takes Greg to Dr. Kagan instead of his usual dentist, a pretty woman named Rachel on whom Greg has a crush.

Kagan's finger when his teeth are being checked. In what Greg believes to be an act of revenge, Dr. Kagan tells Frank that Greg needs headgear to correct his overbite. Kagan is scary and evil and that he never fools around. He has sharp metal tools and never smiles — not even when his picture is taken. He also has billboards on the highway with ads that freak Greg out. His motto is, "Bad oral health is nothing to smile about. Kagan makes a brief appearance in Double Down when Greg compares him to a book he read called Spineticklers My Dentist is The Devil.

Lenwood Heath only appears in The Last Straw. He is a rebellious teenager, who was Greg's father's arch-enemy for about three months before he was sent to military academy. This resulted in him becoming a fine young man who works at the movie theater. In the Dog Days film, he is portrayed by Tom Stevens, and is seen working as a lifeguard at the pool the Heffleys are attending.

Taylor Pringle is a minor character who only appears in the films, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days and does not appear in the books. She is a girl who is very rude and unforgiving, and is first seen at the end of the opening scene in Rodrick Rules in which during her birthday party at the roller rink , Rodrick embarrasses Greg, prompting Greg to try and tackle him, but he misses and lands in Taylor's birthday cake , destroying it.

As a result of this, Taylor gets angry and she and her friends begin beating up Greg as the intro begins. She appears again in Dog Days , at the country club 's pool , in which she simply asks Heather what time the snack bar closes and Heather rudely states "What do you think I am, a guide book?

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