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Danish Albums Chart []. Cole , who did not conform to gangsta rap conventions to find wider mainstream acceptance within the music industry. You will need to send them documentation confirming your current study and immigration status and there are a number of documents that they will need to prepare. He told me I was ungratefuland I should just he happy I have a job in times like these. Steps were not made to procure employees so they would rotate employees from surrounding offices — 2 at a time.

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Lewis-Clark State College’s commencement ceremony will be held on Friday, May 10, at the Activity Center. If you have questions about the ceremony, contact Erin Haley at () , or Jeannette Klobetanz at () , You can also visit the SUB Information Desk in the Student Union.
Lewis-Clark State College’s commencement ceremony will be held on Friday, May 10, at the Activity Center. If you have questions about the ceremony, contact Erin Haley at () , or Jeannette Klobetanz at () , You can also visit the SUB Information Desk in the Student Union.
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Bomb Petite, the fashion destination for petite women, those of us 5’4 or cm and under, featuring styles from our in-house line as well as independent designers and seamlessly blended with up-to-the-minute styling advice.

West considered the release of "I Wonder" as the album's fourth single. But he instead chose " Flashing Lights ", which he refers to as the "coolest" track from the studio album. While written by West, who envisioned its concept and chorus while riding an elevator, the soul-baring Jay-Z dedication " Big Brother " stands as the only song on Graduation that he didn't produce.

Jay-Z went on to say that he also thought that the song was "brilliantly written" and believed that it was West's best song since " Jesus Walks " as far as structure and emotion. Although "Bittersweet Poetry" appears as a Japanese bonus track on Graduation , it was actually one of the very first songs crafted for Late Registration. The two previously worked together to make " Go!

With Graduation , Kanye West made a departure from the warm soul samples of The College Dropout and the lush baroque-pop orchestration of Late Registration. From a musical standpoint, he views Graduation as "an album steeped in keyboard tones , in all their richness and variety. West retracted much of the rich live instrumentation that had characterized his previous studio album Late Registration. He had them replaced with heavy, layered electronic synthesizers with Gothic tendencies at loud volumes throughout Graduation.

Instead, there lies a discernible sense of multi-layered grandeur evident within each track. Graduation ' s intricate musical environments take a while to comprehend, and at times they seem at odds with West's confrontational lyrics.

But this contradictory music makes sense when heard as an attempt to express an internal struggle — between the Kanye West hip-hop made and the West who can't be contained by it or any other genre.

It's hard to stop running with the crowd, even for a trendsetter. But West is on the verge, and moving forward. Despite the predominant synthetic attributes and the overall electronic aesthetic, the emphasis placed on organic string arrangements that had accentuated Late Registration remained a significant factor on Graduation.

Instead, West continues to implement sudden musical shifts within the multi-layered song structures and express meticulously composed introductions , bridges , and codas. Graduation opens on a sparse note with " Good Morning ", beginning with an echoed , metronomic cowbell beat and a thumping bassline melded with a simple, arpeggiating synthesizer drone. The composition then enters an instrumental passage and finishes off with a sweeping string arrangement.

The song's melody is based on sampled keyboards from P. After the introduction , in which Mitchell's processed vocals repeat the titular hook four times, West raps the two verses, each one followed by the chorus sung by Dwele coupled with the hook. Following a break , the song enters a passage where its heavily manipulated hook echoes in and out before the coda draws the composition to a close.

By being composed using nothing more than a Rhodes piano , a vocal sample, and turntable scratches , " Everything I Am " stands as the third studio album's most minimalistic production. Before the second verse, additional instrumentation enters; including a heavy bass-line , metallic percussion , and - handclaps.

The studio album's final track "Good Night" exhibits the production characteristics of West's next musical evolution. West juxtaposes the glitchy , mechanical sound of an 8-bit beat with the more elegant, traditional sound of a classical piano.

In comparison to previous albums, which were largely driven by observational commentary on matters pertaining to social welfare, Graduation is more introspective in nature and addresses personal themes. As such, West's subversive songwriting fluctuates between playful self-aggrandizement and critical self-doubt. The free-associative "Champion" is primarily composed of motivational lyrics, but West also briefly touches on the strained relationship he had with his father—who divorced from his mother when he was just three-years-old—eventually reaching the conclusion that even with their ups and downs, in the end, his father was a champion in his eyes.

West begins the song by expounding his conflicted feelings regarding wealth and desire, describing a compulsion to spend that overwhelms any and all other objectives in life. West regains his lyrical dexterity on "Barry Bonds", a competitive, though friendly battle with Lil Wayne in which the two MCs exchange braggadocios rhymes. In the track, West addresses his indifference towards constructing a gangster persona, his refusal to dress and act like every other rapper, his inclination towards social commentary, and his lack of self-restraint.

Using an extended metaphor that personifies the city as a childhood sweetheart named 'Windy' a reference to Chicago's nickname of the ' Windy City ' , West rhymes about his love for Chicago and his guilt over leaving "her" to pursue his musical dream. Within the song, West dually details his love and admiration as well as his envy and antagonism towards Jay Z, metaphorically equating their relationship to that of a sibling rivalry.

The majority of song is composed of repetitive recitations of its choruses and bridges by Mos Def and Al Be Back. West melodically raps only one single verse in which he nostalgically reminisces over taking trips to the museum with his grandparents. As his verse draws to a close, West chastises that a person can't dwell on the past, and charges himself with living his life like he has no tomorrow. West collaborated with Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami to oversee the art direction of Graduation as well as design the cover art for the album's accompanying singles.

The cover is based on Kanye's theme of student life. It's a place of dreams, of righteousness, a place to have fun. It's also occasionally a place where you experience the rigid dogma of the human race. Kanye's music scrapes sentimentality and aggressiveness together like sandpaper , and he uses his grooves to unleash this tornado that spins with the zeitgeist of the times. I too wanted to be swept up and spun around in that tornado. The artwork's storyline centers around "Dropout Bear", West's anthropomorphic teddy bear mascot.

When the car's engine dies, he is forced to find an alternative means of transportation. He then tries to get onto a metro rail but just misses it as it pulls away. Left with no other options, Dropout is reduced to pursuing his goal on foot. As he races down sidewalks, populated by multi-eyed, living mushrooms, Dropout is pursued by a monstrous rain cloud that attempts to swallow him whole.

The visual story concludes with Dropout Bear being shot out of a cannon from the university into the sky into another stratosphere on the back cover.

While hosting a listening session for his second studio album Late Registration on August 3, at Sony Music Studios , Kanye West revealed that he wanted to schedule the release of Graduation sometime around October He said that he was working on his third album and Common's seventh album Finding Forever and rapped a few lyrics from one of his songs in a cappella. At the end of May, Island Def Jam pushed forward the release date for Graduation up from September to an unspecified late August date, a decision that West first announced on the introductory track of his Can't Tell Me Nothing mixtape.

When my album drops and 50's album drops, everybody wins because you're gonna get a lot of good music at the same time. The album's release generated much publicity over a sales competition with 50 Cent's Curtis. Though confident that he would emerge victorious, West said that he would be perfectly fine with losing to 50 Cent, saying that he'd rather, "be 2 on that day rather than come out and be 1 on a day nobody cares about.

They think they can match us up, but they'll find out when that week goes by and the sales come back. This is no rivalry. West spent a significant amount of time promoting Graduation during his trip to the United Kingdom.

At the end of the concert, a shower of silver confetti and ticker tape reading Touch the Sky fell from the ceiling onto the audience while the actual " Touch the Sky ," which was the fourth single from Late Registration , was played on the speakers. After he returned to the United States, West joined 50 Cent onstage for a surprise performance before an audience of over 20, people at a show held on August 22 in Madison Square Garden during Ciara and T.

Graduation received widely positive reviews from critics. At Metacritic , which assigns a normalized rating out of to reviews from mainstream publications, the album received an average score of 79, based on 32 reviews, indicating "generally favorable reviews". In a less enthusiastic review for MSN Music , Robert Christgau deemed Graduation a "minor success" in which "every single track offers up its momentary pleasures—choruses that make you say yeah on songs you've already found wanting, confessional details and emotional aperçus on an album that still reduces to quality product when they're over".

However, he felt West spent too much of the album rationalizing his obsession with his fame in sketchy fashion and occasionally awkward rhymes, "little stuff like his failure to convert 'this'-'crib'-'shit'-'live'-'serious' into a rhyme" on "Champion" or "'at bay at a distance' into an idiom" on "Big Brother". Rolling Stone placed the album at number five on its list of their Top 50 Albums of ". Timbaland , on the coinciding release of West's Graduation and 50 Cent 's Curtis.

On the first day of its release, Graduation sold over , copies. The album was also West's highest first sales week to date, surpassing the , opening week of his previous album Late Registration. It registered the best first-week sales totals of any record released within the last two years, with the last being West's own Late Registration. Additionally, Graduation became ranked as the 15th highest sales week for an album since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking data in , as well as the highest sales week at the time of its release for an album since 50 Cent's The Massacre The first week sales totals of Graduation and Curtis have outsold the first week sales totals of Guns N' Roses' two albums.

Collectively, we have sold hundreds of thousands of units in our debut week. This marks a great moment for hip-hop music, one that will go down in history. Duets , selling , copies while maintaining its dominance over Curtis , which sold , The critical reception and commercial success of Graduation left a profound influence on both hip-hop culture and popular music. West's third studio album, particularly with its two hit singles "Stronger" and "Flashing Lights", has been attributed to not only encouraging other hip-hop artists to incorporate house and electronica elements into their music, but also for playing a role in the revival of disco and electro -infused club music in the lates.

The outcome of the highly publicized sales competition between 50 Cent's Curtis and West's Graduation has been accredited to the commercial decline of the gangsta rap that once dominated mainstream hip-hop. Kanye led a wave of new artists— Kid Cudi , Wale , Lupe Fiasco , Kidz in the Hall , Drake —who lacked the interest or ability to create narratives about any past gunplay or drug-dealing. West had the last laugh: Graduation sold nearly a million copies in one week, and rap became the playground of emotional heroes like Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco, Drake and J.

Going further, Noah Callahan-Bever, chief content officer and editor-in-chief for Complex Media , marked September 11, He continued writing, "Gangsta rap, street music, and the like have yet to recover from that showdown, as only two albums of the sort have gone platinum this decade— Kevin Gates ' Islah and Meek Mill 's Dreams Worth More Than Money —If anything, street music has also made a shift since Kanye began to peal back more layers of himself on Graduation ; 50's whole get up was about being an indestructible, emotionless robot.

Now, what connects fans to artists like Gates and Meek is that they aren't afraid to rhythmically cry about lost loves ones and the price of fame. Ye's emotive raps on Graduation , intertwined with his evolution on the production side, inspired a new wave of MCs to take notes.

While gangsta rap still has a seat in the ever-expanding classroom of hip-hop, vulnerability and experimentation now serve as the leading candidates in creating your prototypical MC. Because of songs like "I Wonder," "Flashing Lights" and "Stronger'," today's hip-hop artists cling on to Kanye's indomitable body of work like a go-to study guide. Swash wrote that it "highlighted the diverging facets of hip-hop in the last decade; the former was gangsta rap for the noughties, while West was the thinking man's alternative.

Credits adapted from liner notes. Credits are adapted from liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Carter Administration exec. Kanye West also exec.

Gee Roberson also exec. Kyambo "Hip Hop" Joshua exec. May 15, " Stronger " Released: July 31, " Good Life " Released: October 2, " Flashing Lights " Released: November 12, " Homecoming " Released: It's a great promotional tool. To me, it's the greatest thing ever. I think people should do it more often. I'm a fan of both albums.

Hip-hop needs this right now. This was way before EDM became mainstream, and marked the end of the jersey-wearing era in hip-hop. The commercial success of Graduation left a mark on hip hop culture. It paved the way for artists, including Drake and J.

Cole , who did not conform to gangsta rap conventions to find wider mainstream acceptance within the music industry. West Walter Becker Donald Fagen. West Mike Dean [c]. West Toomp Dean [b]. West Jon Brion [b] Dean [d]. West Chris Martin Warryn Campbell. West Warryn "Baby Dubb" Campbell. West Albert Daniels Jason T. West Bangalter de Homem-Christo Birdsong.

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